Best Lawn Aerator For The Money – Reviews 2020

Who doesn’t love their garden? You certainly do. And you are looking for the best lawn aerator for the money, aren’t you?

Well, in this article, you will find reviews of the best and affordable lawn aerators. Not only will your garden get your love, but you will also not spend the earth.

The soil in the lawn can get very dry in hot weather. This means that your lovely plants will not get the nutrients or fertilizers from the ground. In dry earth, these much-needed nutrients, fertilizers, air, and water can not make their way to the roots.

You need a good lawn aerator to ensure that all these essentials reach your grass. This will help your lawn be healthy and look beautiful too.

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Top Lawn Aerator For Your Green Yard

Our Choice: Yard Butler Lawn Coring Aerator Manual
If you are looking for value for money, this is one Lawn Aerator that you cannot avoid. This is a manually operated coring aerator that helps your lawn turn green.

The lightweight aerator makes the process of aerating a small lawn very easy. It is also not very taxing on the back.

Best Lawn Aerators Comparison

Product Name Image Features Check Price
Yard Butler Lawn Coring Aerator Manual
  • Manually operated
  • Coring aerator
  • For small lawns
  • Spikes – 3″
Check Price on Amazon

Scuddles Lawn Aerating Shoes

  • Manually operated
  • Spike aerator
  • For small lawns
  • Spikes – 30 mm
Check Price on Amazon
Punchau Lawn Aerator Shoes
  • Manually operated
  • Spike aerator
  • For small lawns
  • Spikes – 2″
Check Price on Amazon
Brinly-Hardy Tow-Behind aerator
  • Operated with Lawn tractor or ATV
  • Plug aerator
  • For large lawns
  • Spoons – 3″
Check Price on Amazon
Goplus Heavy Duty Rolling Garden Spike Lawn Aerator
  • Manually operated – roller
  • Spike aerator
  • For small lawns
  • Spikes – 1″
Check Price on Amazon


Review of the Cheap Lawn Aerators

In this review section, you will find the affordable lawn aerators.

1. Yard Butler Lawn Coring Aerator Manual

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This Yard Butler aerator is a coring type of aerator. It is a manual device that you need to use your hands and foot. You walk to each area of the lawn that you need to aerator. Then using your foot for leverage you press the plug aerator downwards. With the added leverage, you do not have to stress your arms and shoulders too much. That’s all that there is to this garden tool.

The aerator makes holes that are 2.5″ x 3.5″ inch wide. This enables the soil to compact and dethatch. The removed cores put valuable micro-organisms back in your lawn, thus further helping your grass.

The aerator is built using durable steel. It is 37 inches high, which helps reduce back strain. Also, given that the tool weighs only 3.72 pounds, it is relatively light. The height and weight facilitate the process of aerating.

The Yard Butler company is dedicated to Jim Wright by his son. Jim was a lifelong gardener and the original Yard Butler.

Given that this is a manual tool, you need to be aware that it will not be quick as an electrical lawn aerator.

Tips on using the Yard Butler Lawn Aerator:

  1. You can plunge the same place 2 to 3 times before the plugs start coming out.
  2. Water the lawn the night before you start the aeration process.


  • Does not need much effort.
  • The design works very well.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Easy to clean as well. You can soak it in a bucket of water.
  • Can be used in narrow areas where other bigger aerators fail.


  • Does not work very well for bigger lawns.
  • Not as efficient as compared to eletrical lawn aerators.


2. Scuddles Lawn Shoes – 3 Straps Heavy Duty Spike Aerating Sandals

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The Scuddles lawn aerator shoes use spikes to aerate your lawn. The shoes come with pre-assembled spikes, so you do not have to set them up. All you need to do is wear the shoes on your feet and stomp through the garden.

The shoes are made of a strong plastic base with heel support. Each shoe has 13 metal spikes each of 30 mm. They also come with three straps that you can use to adjust the fit of the shoe. The shoe size is approximately US men’s 9 or 10. It comes in only one size, so you need to be aware of that. The three straps can be used to tighten the fit.

Scuddles back these shoes with a 100% return guarantee. If you do not like the shoes, you can return them.

Tips on using Scuddles Lawn Aerator Shoes:

  1. Do not wear the lawn aerator shows barefoot.
  2. Wear shoes when you are outside the house. Wearing the shoes indoor can damage your floor tiles.
  3. Take small steps to test the shoes on your first use.


  • Shoes come assembled with the spikes.
  • Easy to use, when walking or running on the lawn.
  • The spikes are sharp and effective to aerate the garden.
  • Shoes are lightweight yet sturdy.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Due to the manual effort needed, meant for small lawns.
  • Straps may not stay on and hence the shoes may slip off.
  • Heavy clay soil may clog the spikes.


3. Punchau Lawn Aerator Shoes

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This is another lawn aerator that uses the spikes on the shoes. The Punchau Aerator Shoes help water, fertilize and air reach the roots of the grass. The lawn aerator shoes are going to save you the effort of carrying other bulky tools around when you aerate the lawn.

The shoes have 12 2″ spikes on each shoe. The shoes also have 3 durable straps and metal buckles. The straps help you tighten the aerator shoes to your feet. The shoes come in only one-size. The manufacturer expects the shoes to be a reliable fit for any shoe.

The shoes have to be assembled, unlike the previous one that we reviewed. Once you put the Punchau shoes on, you should walk on the lawn. The shoes are expected to work in most hard or soft soils and can also hold up against the rocks.

A tip when using the Punchau Aerator Shoes:

  1. Wear boots or high-top shoes when you use the Punchau Aerator Shoes.


  • The quality of the shoe aerator is good.
  • The stainless steel nails are strong to penetrate the soil.
  • One of the lower-priced aerators.
  • Can withstand the rocks in the soil due to sharp spikes.


  • You have to screw the nails the first time you get the shoes.
  • The spikes need to be cleaned often.
  • Meant for smaller lawns only.
  • One size-fits all does not work for small feet.

4. Brinly PA 40BH Behind Aerator

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The three aerators we reviewed so far were not meant for large lawns. If your lawn is large, then you need to consider a towed lawn aerator. The other aerators will make the aerating process ineffective for you.

The Brinly-Hardy Tow-Behind aerator is a simple and cost-effective aerator that you can buy. This aerator covers large areas very quickly. The spike spoons penetrate the soil up to 3-inches deep. The aerator comes with 24 heat-treated spoons that make the holes that let water & nutrients be absorbed by your grass. The spoon plugs are narrow and have sharp ends. This lets the spoons penetrate the soil easily.

The Brinly-Hardy Tow-Behind aerator has a lever that you can engage into transport mode. This is useful if you have to cross other areas that don’t need aeration. This helps you prevent damaging other grass or plants that may be growing.

The aerator has a universal hitch pin that is meant to connect it with a lawn tractor or an All-Terrain Vehicle.

One huge complaint about this aerator is the time it takes to assemble it. You can also not use it for smaller lawns.

A tip when using the Brinly-Hardy Aerator:

  1. Use anti-rust paint after your first use of the aerator. Will help the spoons last longer.


  • Good build quality.
  • Comes with a good size tray to add additional weight.
  • Excellent customer service support.
  • Can handle large lawns with ease.


  • Some of the smaller parts are missing in the package.
  • Takes about 30 to 60 minutes to assemble.
  • Will not fit in smaller nooks.

5. Goplus Heavy Duty Rolling Garden Spike Lawn Aerator

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The Goplus Heavy Duty Rolling Garden Spike Lawn Aerator is a manually-operated lawn roller aerator. It makes use of spikes to aerate your yard. The spikes are 1-inch long. The overall size of the roller is 16.5 inches.

The aerator is made up of a strong steel 40.5-inch 3-piece tubular steel handle. It also comes with plastic wheels. This helps you move the aerator over most lawn surfaces.

The handle is ergonomically designed and made up of rubber for easier gripping.

Assembling the roller is not an easy task for one person, and can be challenging. The aerator is meant for smaller lawns. Using it on bigger lawns would be very ineffective.

A tip when using the Goplus Garden Spike Lawn Aerator:

  1. Use the areator just like how you would you use a lawn mower.


  • Very good quality.
  • Excellent when it comes to small lawns with an even surface.
  • The spikes are very sharp.


  • Not meant for larger yards.
  • Takes time to assemble.
  • Spikes are not long enough to have an impact on compacted soil.
  • You will need to apply a lot of force.


Frequently Asked Questions About Lawn Aerators

Do you really need to aerate your lawn?

The answer is it depends on the nature of the soil that your lawn is in. If your garden is healthy and blooming, there is no need to aerate the lawn.

However, if the soil is compacted and consists of a lot of clay, then you should aerate the lawn at least annually. If you have kids in the house and they do play on the lawn often, for example, that is another condition for you to consider to aerate the lawn.

You can read more about the reasons for aerating a lawn.

Which is better, plug or spike aerator?

Let’s explain how the two work:

Spike Aerator: Using a roller with solid spikes to make holes in the soil and create spaces for air and water.

Plug Aerator: Using hollow tines to remove plugs of soil, leaving small gaps in the soil. Also called plug aerators.

Now you know how the difference between a plug aerator and a spike aerator. A spike aerator is better for the health of your lawn. Spike aerators can be used throughout the year.

A plug aerator, on the other hand, adds to the stress of the grass in your lawn. Hence, the best time to use a plug aerator is during the growing season of your grass.

Do I aerate or seed first?

A very simple question, but the answer is simpler. You should aerate first and then add the seeds later. Aeration opens up the soil. This helps water, and other essential nutrients to easily get through the pores in the soil. After aeration, the seeds also can go down easily in the soil.

When is the best time to aerate the lawn?

Fall is the best time for you to aerate your lawn. It is also beneficial to aerate your lawn in spring. Check out the video below for some more details on the best time to aerate your lawns.


Your house can look amazingly beautiful with a lush green lawn right in front. Lawns also create an idle place for your children to play or you to host your friends.

Getting the best lawn aerator for the money will help you keep the grass beautiful and green. A strong and lush green lawn will also be the envy of the neighborhood.

Do let me know in the comments section, what would be your best choice.

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